Malabari Parotta

Malabari Parotta is famous layered flat bread made in Kerala and other south-indian states. It’s made from all-purpose flour. It’s similar to north Indian laccha parantha but the method of making differs.

I like malabari parotta very much but usually avoid it because of the amount of all-purpose flour in it. I always wanted to try a healthy version of malabari Parotta so this time I tried making it with wheat flour and trust me it tastes awesome.

So here’s my easy peasy healthy version of Malabari Parotta. Hope you all will give it a try.


  1. 2 cups wheat flour
  2. 2 tbsp oil and little more
  3. ¼ tsp of salt
  4. Water as required to make a soft dough


Sieve the flour in a bowl and knead a smooth dough by adding  flour, salt,oil and water and let it rest for half an hour. After ½ an hour divide the dough equal sized balls and roll it out into a thin chappati  by applying oil.


Carefully gather the rolled chappati as shown in the pic.


Once gathered again form a ball by twisting the gathered chappati. Roll out this dough into parrotta.


Place the rolled out Parotta in hot pan and cook till done from both sides.


Once out from pan fluff it with both your hands as shown in pic.                                                          IMG_20150506_214733 (1)      IMG_20150506_214814 (1)

Can you see the layers. so flaky and crispy. Serve hot with curry of your choice.



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