Dulce De Leche (Caramelized Condensed Milk)

Dulce De Leche or Caramelized Condensed Milk is popular milk based sweetener which is used in desserts to enhance flavor, sweetness and texture of the dessert. Though they are easily available in shops  i always wanted to try them at home and i can bet it tastes just like the store bought once.

Dulce De Leche can  be prepared very easily at home using just three ingredients and little patience.So lets start making “Dulce De Leche”



  1. 1/2 litre full cream milk.
  2. 1/2 cup  sugar (150 ml cup).
  3. 1/4 tsp baking soda.
  4. A pinch of salt.


In heavy bottomed vessel heat milk and let it boil. Stir milk once its boiled.Let it boil further for 10 minutes so that it gets reduced a little. Now add in the sugar and salt, stir it so that the sugar get dissolved in the milk.Stir the milk mixture constantly in medium heat. The milk mixture will be watery first but after 20 mins it will start thickening. Once the milk starts thickening add in baking soda. When you will add baking soda the milk will froth up. Cook it further for 10 mins and you will notice the milk has started to caramelize and is thickening now. At this point take drop of the milk and see whether it forms one string consistency, if it forms one string consistency it means your dolce de leche is ready. Let it cool completely and store it in sterilized bottle and store it in refrigerator and use as and when required.



Adding vanilla essence will enhance the flavor. I didn’t add it but if you want to you can.

When you add baking soda the milk will froth up so be careful and don’t worry.

Don’t worry if your dolce de leche is little runny  it will thicken once its cooled.

This will stay good for almost a month if stored properly.


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