No Oil Cheeselings.

Cheeselings are these small cheesy bites that are enjoyed equally by adults and kids. I am personally a big fan of these easy peasy munchies. Really they are very easy to make and far more better the store bought ones. As they are baked they don’t have a drop of oil too.

Here’s my easy peasy oilfree Cheeselings recipe.



  1. 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  2. 1/4 cup Corn flour
  3. 2 small cubes of grated processed cheese
  4. 1/4 cup and a little more milk to make dough.
  5. A pinch each of salt,turmeric, chili powder and dry mango powder.


In bowl add in flour cheese and a pinch each of salt,chili,turmeric and mango powder. To add the milk little by little to make a smooth dough(the dough should be neither too hard nor too soft). Let this rest for 10 mins.

After 10 mins roll out the dough by dusting little flour on pastry board. Than cut it in desired shape and bake this in preheated convection oven 170 degrees for 10 mins or till they turn light brown and crispy from both sides.



Veg Lasagna With Homemade Lasagne Sheets

I like cheese very much. I can have them with anything and everything. I still remember my first bite of pizza I just fell in love with its cheesiness( it was bought by bro as his first salary treat). After that my mommy dearest use to recreate lovely pizzas with available ingredients at home and we use to relish on it. When we use to ask how did you make it she use to say there’s nothing that a mom can’t make.

On my last visit to native me and my mom were watching TLC channel where in  chef was making lasagna. I told it looks good but might be tough because we did’t have pasta roller and all the fancy equipment’s he used,to this my mom said nothing is difficult all you need patience and don’t tell its difficult without giving it a try.

So this is my sincere effort to try lasagna. I haven’t tasted lasagna before so I liked what I made. Hope you all will like it too.



For the dough

  1. 1 cup all purpose flour
  2. 1/2 wheat flour
  3. A pinch of salt
  4. 1/4 cup water
  5. 1 tbsp curd.

For filling

  1. 1/2 onion chopped finely.
  2. 6-7 mushrooms washed and cubed
  3. 1/2 cup cubed capsicum
  4. 1/2 cup corn kernels

For white sauce

  1. 2 tbsp butter
  2. 1 tbsp garlic finely chopped
  3. 1 tbsp all purpose flour
  4. 1 cup milk.
  5. 2 tbsp grated cheese
  6. A pinch of pepper powder and salt.
  7. Little bit of dried organo and thyme.

For red sauce

  1. 1/2 onion chopped
  2. 1 tsp garlic chopped
  3. 4 medium-sized riped tomatoes
  4. 1 tsp sugar and tomato sauce
  5. 1 tsp chopped basil and thyme
  6. 1/4 tsp pepper powder and turmeric powder.
  7. Salt.

Few sheets if processed cheese will be needed during assembling lasagne.


First we will make the dough for lasagna. In bowl add in both flours and salt. Than add in curd and water little by little till it becomes a dough. Let this dough rest for some time.

Next we will make white and red sauce.

For white sauce

In a pan heat butter and garlic and saute till its light brown than add in flour and saute till releases good smell. Than add in milk and whisk together so that there are no lumps. Switch off flame. Add cheese,salt and pepper powder.

For red sauce

In a pan heat oil add in chopped onion and garlic and saute well. Than add in tomatoes and cook till it releases moisture. Than add in pepper, turmeric powder,salt and tomato sauce . Add chopped basil and thyme leaves. Keep this aside.

Next in a pan saute all the veggies with little salt and pepper and keep it aside too.

Now we will make lasagna sheets by rolling the dough and cutting them in rectangular shape, it should be neither thick nor thin. Boil these sheets in boiling hot salted water for 2 minutes.

Now let us arrange our lasagna in a bake proof vessel.

First apply red sauce. Than place lasagna sheets ,followed by veggies and white sauce than cheese sheets and than again red sauce. Repeat till the vessel is full add some red sauce again sprinkle some  shredded cheese. Bake this in a preheated oven in convection mode 170 degrees for 10-15 mins or till the cheese melts. Serve hot.