Sago Pappad/Chips

Hello friends today am back again with superb chips or pappad made from sago or tapioca pearls. Its  crunchy and so very yummy. The best part its so very easy to make and it takes hardly 15 mins to prepare plus minimum of 2 days for drying it in sunlight.Its healthy and kids will love it. You can serve them as tea time snacks or just as accompliment to your lunch or dinner.

So here’s the recipe, hope you will like it and give it a try.



  1. 1 cup sago/tapioca pearls
  2. 3 cups of water +1 1/2 cup water for soaking
  3. 1 tsp cumin seeds
  4. Salt to taste


Clean and soak sago in water for 3 hours.

After soaking for 3 hours drain the excess water and in thick bottomed vessel add 3 cup of water.Let it boil and then add in salt and cumin seeds and again boil it.

Next add in the soaked sago or tapioca seeds and cook for few minutes till the water turns out translucent and when the pearls are pressed they bounce back. Grease a plate or plastic sheet pour it  with spoon or laddle in small circular shape and let them dry under sun till they are completely dry.They will get dried in minimum of 2 days if the sunlight is good.

After drying they will look like this(refer first pic).Store them in airtight container and use by deep frying them in medium hot oil till they are crisp.



Sun-dry Potato Chips

Hello friends posting after long time since i had some personal work. But am back with this amazing recipe of sun dry potato that my mom use to make. I have very fond memories attached to these chips. They are crisp and light you bake them or deep fry and kids will just love it.

Here goes the recipe


  1. 4 large potatoes washed cleaned and wiped dry
  2. Water to boil potatoes and some more for rinsing
  3. 1/8th tsp alum
  4. salt according to taste


Peel potatoes and slice them as thin as you can and place them in water so that they don’t get the brown color.

Now in a big vessel bring water to boil and add in salt and alum. To this add the sliced  potatoes. Adding alum makes the potatoes crisp and helps retain the color even after frying.

Now cook this potatoes till they are firm. they shouldn’t be over cooked.Now drain this water and wash it 2-3 times. Pat them dry and let them dry under sun for 2-3 days or till they are dry and crisp.

Store them in airtight jar and fry as and when needed.