Rajasthani Ghevar.

Hola freinds hope you all are doing great. Its been long time and i haven’t blogged so much this while and the sad part is i missed my first blog anniversary. So in order to compensate it am back with an authentic delicacy from rajasthan “Rajasthani Ghevar”.

My wish to make ghevar started when first time I saw it in Master Chef India. I wanted to make it since a long time. This recipe is definitely not for weight watchers but sometimes is good to forget about calories.So here’s the ultimate ghevar recipe.


For batter
1. 1 cup maida
2. 1/2 cup ghee + ghee for frying
3. Water as needed to make the batter +2 tbsp milk
4. Few cubes of ice

For sugar syrup
1. 1 cup sugar
2. 1/2 cup water

In a bowl take 1/2 ghee and add in ice cubes. Mix it well. This will make ghee creamy. Once creamy remove ice cubes and mix again.

Now slowly add in maida and blend well. Slowly add in milk and mix again. Add water little by little till the mixture looks well blended.
Remember there should be no lumps and the the batter should be free flowing.

Make sugar syrup in a pan by adding sugar and water till one string consistency.

In a deep vessel(heavy bottomed) or a deep kadai heat ghee till its smokey. The level of ghee should be such that when you pour in the batter the ghevar should be submerged in ghee only then the ghevar will be crispy.

Pour the batter with the help of a laddle from a height right in the center. The oil will froth up wait till the froth settles and then again pour batter. I wanted thin ghevar so I added three laddles of the batter. But if you want thick ghevar add 4-5 laddles.

Let this fry in medium heat until it looks golden brown. Remove it from heat when nice crisp and golden brown.

Pour the sugar syrup over the ghevar and garnish it with silvered almonds and enjoy