Milk Cake(authentic way)

Milk cake is fudge made in India using milk and sugar. It’s one of most popular sweet that you would find in North indian sweet shops. Milk cake has grainy texture and perfect sweetness. Though it takes time to prepare and requires resting time too it’s really worth it. So here’s my try with milk cake,hope you all like it and will give it a try.



1.5 litre full cream milk

200 gms sugar

1/4 tsp alum

Juice of 1 small lemon mixed with 2 tbsp water

A pinch of cardamom powder


In a big heavy bottomed skillet boil milk by stir continously over medium to high flame and reduce it till it reaches 1/3 of its quantity.


Meanwhile arrange all other ingredients required like sugar,greased steel bowl, cardamom powder and lemon water mixed with alum.IMG_20170614_104905527_HDR

Once it’s 1/3 add lemon juice mixed with alum powder and simmer the gas and let it rest for 2 mins without stirring.


After 2 mins stir it and let it come to a boil.

Add sugar and cardamom powder and cook till it doesn’t stick any more to the pan.


Once done remove this in a greased steel bowl and let it cool completely.


Loosen the sides of cake and de mold it in a plate and cut into desired shapes and serve.



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