Kariveppalai -Inji Thogyal/ Curry leaves and Ginger Chutney.

Hello friends hope you all are doing well. So today am up with amazing chutney recipe with goodness of fresh curry leaves and ginger. This is really goes with idli, dosa, paniyaram, chappati or if you are really tired of making this thing just mix it with rice and ghee and devour. So here’s the recipe hope you would give it a try.



1  cup packed fresh washed and cleaned curry leaves.

1/2  cup peeled and chopped  ginger.

2 tbsp  split black gram.

1 tbsp black sesame seeds.

1/2 tsp tamarind.

1 cup coconut .

1 small peice of jaggery.

3-4  dry red chilies.

3 tsp oil .

Salt as per taste.


In a nonstick pan heat 1 tsp oil and fry till golden brown and keep it aside.

Next in the same pan add 1 tsp oil and fry split black gram and red chili’s till golden brown and keep it aside.

Again in the same pan add remaining oil and fry black sesame seeds and fry till it crackles and keep it aside.

Have a look at all ingredients.


Now in a mixer jar first grind half of the coconut, split black gram, black sesame seeds and red chili’s to a fine powder.


Next add in remaining ingredients and blend it with water to form a thick paste.IMG_20170616_210033835_HDR.jpg

Mix the remaining coconut and add salt according to your taste.IMG_20170616_210101552_HDR.jpg

Store in aur tight box in a cool dry place or in fridge this status good for a week in fridge or 2 days in room temperature.

Serve hot with idli, dosa, paniyaram or even rice.



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