Tea Kadai Coconut Cookies

Hola friends today am up with another easy peasy recipe.I love to bake goodies which yum and healthy too. This cookie is particularly found road side small tea shops or tea kadai. They very easy to make and yes tastes yum. So here’s the recipe hope all will enjoy making and eating it.



1 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup grated fresh coconut roasted till golden brown

1/2 cup  sugar powder along with 2-3 cardamoms

1/2 cup butter

1/2 tsp baking powder

3-4 tbsp milk

1/2 cup sugar for coating cookies.


In a clean vessel and add butter and sugar and whip it till mixed well. Add in whole wheat flour, roasted coconut and baking powder and combine well. Add milk 1 tbsp at a time and knead into a soft dough.


Form a log out of this dough and keep it in fridge for some time.IMG_20170707_103208942_HDR

Cut the log in equal size cookies and coat well with sugar.IMG_20170707_111207399

Bake these cookies at 180 degree preheated oven for 20- 25 min or till light golden brown.img_20170707_1201061.jpg


7 thoughts on “Tea Kadai Coconut Cookies

    • Preeti More yes they can be made in cooker. Heat the cooker in medium flame till it’s nice hot. Place the biscuits in a greased idli stand and bake it by placing the lid without the gasket ring. Since I haven’t tried it in cooker I can’t tell you exact timing you have to check in between. Hope this helps.


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