Versatile blogger award


Hi everyone this is my third nomination. I have been nominated by Freda of for the versatile blogger award. Thank you so much for nominating me. Am very happy and honoured. thank you so much. I love your recipes and presentation style.Thanks again. To accept the award, I have to: 1. Thank the person who nominated me 2. List 7 random facts about me. 3. Nominate 5 other bloggers for the award. So, seven facts about myself are:

  1. I love to paint, though not a very good painter i still love it.
  2. I love spicy food(very spicy)
  3. I am crazy about Hrithik Roshan (still have his posters in my moms place)
  4. I love dogs.
  5. Am a huge fan of sweets. I can have them any time.
  6. I love rainy season very much.
  7. I love to read novels.

My nominees are

1. Smiling notes

2.This cake is Desi

3. mypinchofyum

4.Lin’s Recipes

5. Spices N Flavors

Thank you once again Freda